book Forever Birchwood

Forever Birchwood

These metal lunchboxes have become legendary across the globe, and many of us grew up watching our parents or grandparents carry them to work everyday. They were invented by Leo May, a miner working underground, and they are lovingly featured in my book— a place where Wolf stores all of her favourite things. Now, like Wolf, I have my very own! - Danielle Daniel


Ageing in Action hosts Nikki Sage, Lisette Wirta, Gwen Price and Joy Wirta speak with Sue Lekun and Catherine Langin about the iconic miners' lunch boxes produced locally in Sudbury, Ontario by L. May Mfg. The lunch boxes were invented by Catherine's father, Leo May and have been handmade since 1956. Generations of miners have taken the lunch boxes down into the mines as they are sturdy enough to withstand the harsh conditions, yet made from light weight high grade aluminum.

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