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The Gem


L. May presents a curated collection of colours that align with the value of our products: a precious heirloom

An L. May lunchbox that survives the test of time is a beautiful keepsake. 

All gemstones are precious, in the sense that they provide meaning and value to you in a piece of jewelry. 

Our lunchboxes have accompanied the family stories retold and passed from generation to generation just like jewels. L. May is handmade tough, for you—simple, durable design, inspired by the past and perfect for the present.

Lunchbox Stories

When you own an L. May lunchbox you know that it was built in the past and handcrafted for today. 

It's not just a lunchbox

The stories our parents tell us about the things we loved as children, or those that comforted us, help us remember details of early childhood. We should pass along these items to the next generation as a reminder that love endures even if they have never met. 

Gifts from another generation are special because they have traveled through time with the intention of reaching you one day.

Sharing this collection with you is a gift already.

L. May values preserving heirlooms by creating quality products that last a lifetime. 

The L. May Legacy

Heirlooms represent the stories that shape your family's legacy and connect past generations to the present. 

An heirloom serves to preserve the memories of those associated with it and can even answer questions about your family's history.  

As physical representations of our ancestors, heirloom pieces remind future generations of the familial legacy they carried. 

Whether you are starting or continuing a Legacy

Check out our entire collection, handcrafted to be loved for generations to come, if you are looking for a new item to be passed on through your family tree. The story of your family needs to be told, so get started now. Honour your family's history and feel proud to own an L. May Lunchbox. 

The Gem Collection


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