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How are gemstones related to L. May? 

The Gem Collection

  • All gemstones are precious, in the sense that they provide meaning and value to you in a piece of jewelry. Just like jewelry, everyone who carries an L. May Lunchbox will have a different meaning and value but will fall under the same category: a precious heirloom. The rebranding of our colour names of the lunchboxes celebrates the rich history of the Leo May Legacy while honoring the love of handcrafted, high-quality products that will last a lifetime. 
  • Our lunch boxes have accompanied the family stories retold and passed from generation to generation just like jewels. L. May is handmade tough, for you—simple, durable design, inspired by the past and perfect for the present.
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L. May values preserving heirlooms by creating quality products that last a lifetime. 

Sharing this collection with you is a gift already. 

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