kids photoshoot carrying an L. May Miner's Lunchbox

It's not just a lunchbox

The stories parents tell us about the things we loved as children, or those that comforted us, help us remember details of early childhood. We should pass along these items to the next generation as a reminder that love endures even if they have never met.

Gifts from another generation are special because they have traveled through time with the intention of reaching you one day.

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  • metal lunch pail with stickers brand L May

    I have been using my L. May lunch pail for over 30 years. It has carried my lunch every day since, keeps the dirt off, and is built tough. Not only does my lunch pail represent Sudbury, but it represents a long career in the mining industry. - Tim, Electrician

  • metal lunch pail and lunch box brand L May

    This 14" lunch box has been around for ages! We can't remember when hubby got it. It holds a large stainless steel thermos in the lid and lots of room in the bottom for lunch stuff, a notebook, etc. Glad to see they are making a comeback! - Debby Jo

  • three sizes of metal lunch boxes from the brand L May

    The left lunch box was mine for school as a kid. The middle one is my father's and the right one is mine currently. They are standing the test of time! - Chris Purvis

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metal lunch box personalized with corporate logos for patrick mechanical, patrick sprack and greater city concrete works

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