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The New Generation

Our Lunchbox is hand crafted from high grade aluminum, making it virtually indestructible, very practical, and so lightweight. 

Leo’s hobby evolved into a small company called L. May Mfg. To identify his lunch boxes, he modestly chose a small stamp in the most popular font of the day, and placed it in the upper left hand side, “just like the address on the letter”, where that very same stamp shows today.


The Classic - The Miners LunchboxThe Miners Lunchbox
L. May the aluminum lunchbox in size The Super Classic

As seen in

The Mandalorian Season 2 Ep 04

Hannah Montana - Season 1 Ep 23

Spy Kids

Shameless US - Season 1 & 2

Riverdale - Season 2 Ep 05

Death Of The Cheerleader


Carrying something every day of one's working career becomes part of one's life