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Mother's Day Campaign - Starry Night Lunchbox

Mother's Day Campaign - Starry Night Lunchbox - The Miners Lunchbox

About The Collaboration

It is incredible how you can find a community to connect with. When Louise shared her dad's #lunchboxstory, we were impressed by L. May's personal connection with clients who bought their first lunchbox back in 1956. There is more to an L. May lunchbox than just a ''product''. Our community shares their lunchbox stories with us to show that they believe this too. To some, it is what they have left of the person they love, a worker's life career, a lucky charm, etc. This product is a legacy.
We couldn't have chosen a better artist to collaborate with for our Mother's Day campaign.
THANK YOU, Louise, for your art and beautiful words🥰
Check out the complete blog post she wrote for this campaign READ BLOG

Leaving a legacy is what life is all about. What is yours?

An L. May lunchbox that survives the test of time is a beautiful keepsake. Our lunchboxes have accompanied the family stories retold and passed from generation to generation.

Louise's Dad #lunchboxstory 

"Dad bought an L. May Miner’s Lunchbox when he started working at the Abitibi paper mill in the mid 1950s and his lunchbox was still in perfect condition when he retired 30 years later."

L. May metal lunchbox collage with pictures of a tradeshow, fisherman, big nickel, and magazine cover with a metal lunchbox